Sexy Abs.

Are you sitting there wondering how you get sexy abs like the girls who work for elite London escorts services? It is true. London escorts do not only have great looking abs, but they also have great all around figures on closer inspection. Many ladies do envy girls at London escorts for their excellent physique. But, do you need to belong to a top gym in London to get abs like escorts in London? 


The simple answer to that question is no. Many of the girls who work for leading London escorts services actually find it is hard to fit in gym time as they like to call. They exercise at home making the most of modern technology such as Youtube and some workout labs. Amanda works for a leading London escorts service and she swears by her Youtube kettlebell workout videos. She says that she is addicted to them and not a day goes past without her working out in front of her smart TV. 


Sexy blond Amanda from London escorts says that she does not only use her dearly beloved kettlebell to get perfect abs. When she has a day off from London escorts, she may spend a couple of hours in front of the TV working out. Her other go-to workout on Youtube is Adriene. She loves Adriene as her workout routine really challenges you and she loves that about Adriene. Yoga is one of the best core workouts you can do if you would like to have great abs. 


What about other types of exercises? Amanda from London escorts says that she hates jogging. She claims that her 34 E chest is simply too big and that she has never been able to find the perfect sports bra. Besides not being able to find the right sports bra for her, she admits that she hates wearing bras which are not sexy. I am more of a La Perla girl she says. But she does like aerobic exercise and tries to power walk a couple of times per week. They just have to wobble a little bit says Amanda about her two breast friends. Maybe we should all try our hand at power walking, we may even bump into sexy Amanda.  


Apart from all of that, Amanda watches what she eats even when she is out on dinner dates with her London escorts regulars. She says that she believes certain foods can put on more weight on your stomach. After having stayed away from pork for six months, she realised it made a huge difference to her physique. Now she never eats pork and tries to eat as many fruits and vegetables as she can. She says that most London escorts are health conscious. Keeping fit and looking good is a must when you work for a top class London escorts service according to Amanda. But then again, Amanda says that she loves to look good for herself, it gives her bags of confidence when she goes on out on dates.  

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