Should you let an obsession take over your life?

I have realised that I have a slight problem. For the last couple of years I have been planning on quitting my Greenwich escorts career, and leaving to work in Los Angeles as a porn star. I am not sure that it is the right thing to do, because honestly, it seems that the porn industry is kind of beginning to fail. So many people are now making personal pornos and even promoting themselves as professional porn stars.

However, it feels like it is one of those things that I would like to get out of my system, but I am not sure how to go about it. I keep talking about it to my girls at Greenwich escorts. They think that I am slightly nuts and there is no way that I would make enough money from trying my hand at being a porn star in Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

It is a shame that the best porn studios are so far away and that I would have to leave my job at Greenwich escorts to try out a career as a porn star. When I stop and think about it, it would mean that I would have to take at least six months off from Sure, I could rent out my London flat to keep me going as I would not want to blow all of my savings on being a porn star should I not get any work at all.

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In the past I have checked out some of the porn productions companies in London and Amsterdam. They are not that busy at the moment , and have been going through a quiet spell for a couple of years now. I know a couple of porn producers in Amsterdam and their business are really struggling at the moment. I have taken on some smaller parts in these movies, but I do struggle to land any major roles. Many European and London based porn production companies have gone out of business, and I feel pretty certain that the porn industry globally is going to shrink even more thanks to amateur porn. I do hope that the girls who are in these movies are safe.

Perhaps that is what would happen if I left Greenwich escorts to try my luck in the States. I know that it is not easy, and I also appreciate that I am slightly obsessed by the idea of being a porn star. Where the idea has come from I really don’t know, but it one of those things that I wanted to do for a long time. I did spend a year working as an escort in Los Angeles before I joined Grrernwich escorts. During that time I did come in touch with girls who had worked as porn stars. I think that I am getting from that. The girls had done well, but I am worried that there is not enough cash left in the industry to make it big these days.