Second Hand in London

Recently I started a little business with the other girls from Marylebone escorts here in London. It all got started by accident, but to my surprise, our little business is doing rather well. Our business is called Second Hand in London, and we started it more by accident really. Like all of the other escorts in London, we like to be dressed nicely, and we often buy a lot of clothes. We don’t always go to designer shops to buy our gear. Most of the time, we actually go to to Second Hand shops.

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Anyway, a couple of months back we were sitting around talking, and we found that a lot of the girls at Marylebone escorts, had rather extensive wardrobes. As a matter of fact, most of the girls at the escort agency in Marylebone thought that they had too many clothes and wanted to do something about it. Looking around our local neighbourhood, we could see that there were a few shops up for rent. One of the shops turned out to belong to the guy who runs Marylebone escorts.

The shop had been empty for a while, and rather than having it standing empty, our boss wanted us to have it. We agreed a kind of peppercorn rent with him, and that is how we girls at Marylebone escorts became shop keepers. After that, it did not take us very long to paint the place and make it look nice. We even managed to find some second shelving and shop fitting unit, and before you knew it, our shop was open on a Saturday only to start with. It was just like a little pop up shop.

We loved our little shop, and to stock it up, we went through our wardrobes and before we knew it, the shop was up and running. Second Hand in London was a success the first Saturday we opened the doors to the shop. The funny thing was that a lot of the clothes in the shop had come from second hand shops in the first place, so this was a bit of a win win situation. As we started to trade, we soon realised we could make a decent profit on selling our clothes.

As all of the girls at Marylebone escorts were really busy, we had to get organised but that did not hurt as at all. It goes without saying that the girls are only too happy to help out in the shop, and now we even go other second hand shops and buy what we need. Then we put it in the shop, and mark it up a bit. We are actually doing rather well, and there is certainly something special about having your own business. I rather like that, and you never know what the future is for a our own Second Hand in London. May be would go online and sell some of the stuff on eBay? A website might do the trick…we have some many ideas for our little business.