Contraception in the UK

We are going to talk to you about sex. Sex education is pretty crap, at least in the UKaccording to Barnet Escorts. We’re going to be talking about contraception.

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– So first of all, what are we protecting ourselves against?

– We’re protecting ourselves against pregnancy and STIs.

– Indeed, one thing we definitely don’t want

And another that we want some control over.

– So what’s our tool kit?

– So first of all condoms.

Now condoms are brilliant because

They not only protect against pregnancy, but also STIs. In fact, I got one question on our Escort Agency where someone was slightly concerned as to whether a condom was a mood killer and all I’ve got to say is no because I think an STI or an unwanted pregnancy is an even bigger mood killer.

– I think if a condom is a mood killer,

Then you’re not really communicating very well with your partner.

– As well as condoms, you’ve got the contraceptive pill.

I had a lot of questions about how you take it, and how you get hold of it.

The way it works in the UK is that literally, you go to your GP and you’re like I want to go on the pill and they take your blood pressure and then they ask you what other medication you’re on, if you’re already pregnant, if you’ve ever been pregnant, and whatnot, and then they pick the right pill for you because there’s two different types. It’s really easy to take. You literally take it once a day. Some pills, you have like a week break where you have a period. Some you don’t.

The thing with the pill is that it only protects you against pregnancy. So you still need to wear a condom.Say you do have unprotected sex or you’re not on the pill and you use a condom and the condom splits for whatever reason, you can take the emergency contraceptive pill, also known as the morning after pill.

– I know that it’s most effective the earlier you take it.

– I actually have the stats right here.

So it’s 95% effective if you take it up to 24 hours after you’ve had unprotected sex. Goes down to 85% between 25 and 48 hours, and goes down to 58% between 49 and 72 hours, which is not a good statistic.

The emergency contraceptive pill in the UK, you can go into any pharmacy and buy one, and it costs like 25 pounds. It’s quite expensive, or if you have a consultation, advice thing, which is confidential, then they give it to you for free.

– Guys, you will not be able to stockpile these pills for all the ladies that you take home because most of the time, they will only give the pill to the person who is taking it. – It is called the emergency contraceptive pill for a reason. It is only for emergencies. Do not use this pill as your regular form of contraception. Either use a condom or the usual contraceptive pill.