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There has just been one erotic experience after another, and sometimes these girls have just got me totally out of control. The problem is that I just can’t get enough, and I have now realized that I am addicted to dating escorts in this party of London.

The problem with escort’s addiction is that it can cost you a serious amount of money. Last year I spent about £20,000 on dating escorts in Marble Arch. Okay, I earn a lot of money so I can afford it, but there are a lot of guys and dates out there who don’t earn as much. One of the guys who dates in Marble Arch on a regular basis is now living of his credit cards, and don’t know how is going to be able to cope with his bills next month.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think that he is the only guy who has got a bad escorts addiction. I know of many guys in other parts of London who feel the same way, and they just can’t stop dating sexy escorts. I think that an advice line is badly needed as this is an addiction as much as gambling, smoking or shopping.

It is not like a drug addiction as that is very physical, but this is more of an addiction of the mind. Unfortunately, it is only your flesh that an satisfy the addiction, and many men like myself just can’t control it.

Have you ever dated Marble Arch escorts? I have dated Marble Arch escorts for a couple of months but let me give you some advice – get yourself fit before you come down here. I personally love party girls, and the Marble Arch escorts that I have met so far are some of the wildest party girls anywhere in London.

I have dated quite a few party girls, model and porn stars but I have never come across anything like Marble Arch escorts. These girls can make all your body hair stand on end, and before you know you will be sucked into their own little world of serious sensual action.

Sex is not what dating escorts is all about but eroticism does not have to mean sex. Erotic action is exactly what you will get when you date Marble Arch escorts, and some of the things that these girls get up to will have you ache for them. I have had days and nights together with Marble Arch escorts when I haven’t been able to think straight.

At the moment I am dating three times a week but one I have a quiet period at work I date more. Overtime is really the only thing that takes me a way from dating escorts, and I am a bit grateful for my current overtime. I do know that there will come a day when I have to give up dating, and settle down with a regular girl.

The problem is that I am so addicted that I don’t know if I can settle down with a regular girl. My friend suggested that I marry an escort but I don’t know if that would be the same as dating escorts. Am i addicted? You bet I am!