The Winner takes It All

I have been dating more and more divorced gents at Wandsworth escorts recently. You can soon tell who the divorced gents are when they come through the door. The other day I opened the door and this guy was stood there leaning against the side of the door. He was as skinny as anything, looked a bit of a mess and did honestly look like he had seen better days. All that was missing was a sign saying help me hanging around his neck.

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I gave him a big smile and he walked in. In all honesty, I did not know whether to cook him a meal or not. He looked like he could do with it. We started to chat and he went onto explain that he got divorced about a year. I told him that I could read the signs. It made my laugh really and at the same time. I felt really sorry for him. He may not think that he was in dire straits but he certainly was. I could have cuddled him, but the look of those skinny shoulders worried me a bit. Maybe he would break. He was actually one of the worst cases that I had seen at Wandsworth escorts.

Gradually, Nick and I got to know each other. He seemed to like a good chat and was always happy when we met up at Wandsworth escorts. After about a month. He asked me out for a meal and I was happy to go. We ended up in this steak restaurant in central London, and I had never seen a mad eat like that. I asked him when the last time he had a good meal, and he said that he could not remember. But, he did add that he liked pot noodles and the odd meal in from Marks and Spencer.
I felt like a mum watching her starving soon eat a roast dinner.

As we left the restaurant, I asked him if I could cook him Sunday dinner that Sunday. He smiled and said that he would love it. I think that he was a bit taken back. Clearly he knew that Wandsworth escorts has a policy of not meeting up with dates in private. But I was happy to meet up with Nick outside of the escort agency. He was a nice guy and I truly enjoyed his company. Despite all of the stuff that was going on his life, he found it easy to smile.

I had a couple of days away from Wandsworth escorts over the next couple of days. So I took some time to prepare the Sunday dinner that I wanted to cook for Nick. I made a crumble pie and the best roast beef ever. In many ways, I felt kind of nervous and I was not sure if Nick would like it at all. I should not have worried. Let’s put it this way, it is now two years later and I am still cooking Nick Sunday dinner. He normally feeds the baby while I cook the dinner and then we just chill out on the sofa. He says that he fell in love with me the moment we met, and I really do hope that it is going to last for a very long time.