My Plastic Surgery Addiction!

Ever since I was young, I have had a thing about looking perfect. I know that none of us are really perfect, but I do dream about being perfect. Many of the other girls here at London escorts have had the odd nip and tuck but I think that I might be going a little bit over the top. My aim is to look like Barbie to be honest. It is not a cheap process to go through, and I am saving up from my earnings from London escorts to complete “the project” as my plastic surgeon likes to call it.

I am not sure why I am so obsessed with looking like Barbie. As a petite girl, I think that the Barbie looks suits me the best. I also think that you need to have a niche within London escorts these days. Many of the girls that I have met at the agency do not have that, and I have noticed that they don’t do as well as I do. Here at our London escorts service, I am probably one of the busiest girls and that works for me!

In modern day London,we have lots of London escorts services. If you want to be successful, it is really important that you stand out a little bit. When I first joined the escorts service in London, we did not have many different agencies. Now London is flooded with both elite and cheap London escorts websites. If you do not have a niche, or stand out from the crowd, you end up being a bit lost. That is never going to make you any money.

Am I the only girl at London escorts who is going through some sort of transformation? I know that I am not the only girl to be going through this. There are other girls out there who are into other things and trying to copy the looks of others. I am sure that as the London escorts service gets even busier, they will be more in demand than the run of the mill escorts. A bit of competition is good, and if you want to make the most of it, you really do need to stand out from the crowd.

Would I like to stay like this for the rest of my life? As a matter of fact, I am really happy with the way things are turning out and I think that I would like to stay this way. I may look a bit silly when I am 50 years old, but that is nothing that a little nip or tuck cannot fix. Like I say to my friends here at London escorts, I will have a unique look and be who I truly want to be. All I need to do now is to find my Ken – I am pretty sure that he is out there somewhere. Maybe he is also going through some sort of transformation, and we could both create our own perfect little Barbie family.