Heathrow Girl Gets More Confident

Heathrow escorts, or not, we all need to have confidence in our bodies. I read a really interesting article recently that discussed breast implants, and the main focus of the article was two Heathrow escorts. One of the Heathrow escorts had been gifted with naturally large breasts, and the other one of the Heathrow escorts had much smaller breasts.

Both Heathrow escorts were basically confident ladies but the lady with the smaller bosom said that she did not feel confident. Whenever she was out and about, she always had to make herself confident. I am a petite girl with rather large breasts, and I must admit they can occasion give me a bit of a confidence boost. Despite the passage of time, my boobs do not appear to have gone saggy, and I must admit I am pretty proud of them.

Whenever I go past a mirror wearing a tight t-shirt, I do a quick double take and say hello my lovelies. I know that sounds silly but despite everything what has been written, I think there is a connection between a woman and her bust.

I can understand that when you are working as Heathrow escorts, it is important to be able to feel confident, and comfortable in your own skin. Just like other women, Heathrow escorts must feel good about themselves and I would imagine this matters particularly when you work as Heathrow escorts.

The lady in the article goes on to have breast implants which brings her bust up to 34D which is not very far away from my natural 34E. For a lady with a smaller bosom. she was a 34A, this must give her an enormous confidence boost. It will change the entire way she looks at her body, and will also make her appear slimmer.

A smaller bust can sometimes make a lady feel more broad shouldered and masculine, whilst a big bust will trigger something in women. It is almost a bit like putting your own personal signature on a document, ans saying “here I am – look at me”. Women often identify themselves with their own femininity, and bust size has a lot to do with that.

It is a bit like teenage girl waiting for her bust to grow. I often catch my soon to be teenager in front of the mirror, pulling her t-shirt tight and looking at her breasts. Sometimes, I joke with her and asks her if she wants a measuring tape. The other day she surprised me by looking at bras in a shop, fantasising about which bra would make her bust look better. I have also noticed that she has started to pose side ways on in photos. There is indeed an awakening of femininity there, and it just goes to prove how important our busts are to us women.

Confidence is important as well, and it is all very well for well endowed ladies to cluck at ladies wishing to have breast implants. Perhaps they should stop for a few minutes, and take time to reflect over how good their generous beauties make them feel before they condemn others.