Do Breast Implants Make For Better Sex?

Get-a-bikini-body-in-2-months-the-ultimate-diet-and-workout-planMany women feel more confident after they have a breast enhancement procedure. It is not secret that men enjoy breasts and for many men the bigger the better. While these fake breasts can look nice many women wonder if there is more to them than just looks. Many women wonder if breast implants lead to better sex and increase the intensity of an orgasm.

Researcher have explored if breast implants increase the enjoyment a woman has during sex and if implants will increase her chance of reaching an orgasm. The researchers have found the breast enhancement does lead to better sex for many women. They have found that these women were able to orgasm more frequently and reported that overall they enjoyed their sex life. Sixty one percent of women that had breast enhancement procedures report that they have sex more frequently. Out of a scale from one to ten their overall satisfaction with the sex they are having is around an eight which is very high. Seventy percent of these women stated that their sex life has improved overall and they are enjoying sex more than ever after they had their procedure.

Plastic surgeons that perform breast enhancement procedures have noticed that most of their patients are happy with the results. Women that have had breast enhancement report they feel self confident. Researchers feel that is one of the reasons as to why they are getting more pleasure while having sex. Sex is all about being confident and these women know that they are looking good and they are not afraid to show that they are happy with their new and improved breasts.

When asked women that have had breast enhancement procedures women reported they feel good about the way they look. They have stated that they have higher levels of self esteem. Since they are feeling good about themselves they can have confidence in their bodies. This confidence allows them to have high self esteem which leads to better sex. A woman is not afraid to show off her body.

Breast enhancement procedures do not just make sex more pleasurable for men. Many women that have had these procedures report that they have more intense and more frequent orgasm. They also report having sex more frequently and being satisfied in most sexual experience. Breast enhancement procedures allow a woman to feel confident in her body which allows her to have more and better sex.

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